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Wet Plate Photography Ultimate Guide

You are probably wondering what wet plate photography is and how to take wet plate photos. Well, you are in the right place! Read this wet plate photography ultimate guide to know everything you need about this old photography technology.

What is Wet Plate Photography?

Wet plate collodion photography is one of the oldest forms of photography. The image is captured on metal and glass plates and developed using a mix of chemicals. 

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Ultimate Guide to Wet Plate Photography

Let’s start the wet plate photography ultimate guide by diving into the steps needed for wet plate photography. 

Steps to Take Wet Plate Photographs:

  1. Preparation And Safety
  2. Coat With Collodion By Pouring The Plate
  3. Dip In Silver Nitrate
  4. Capture The Image
  5. Plate To Camera
  6. Expose
  7. Pour On The Developer (A Solution Of Iron Sulfate And Acetic Acid)
  8. Fix The Plate
  9. Wash And Varnish
  10. Make A Print


Wet plate photography is an old process that is making a comeback recently. Follow the steps in this wet plate photography ultimate guide to take accurate wet plate photos. Also, do let me know the results of your wet plate photography session! Was it challenging?





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