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Surrealism Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to take surreal photos that use your creative and imaginative powers of the subconscious mind? Then, read this surrealism photography ultimate guide to learn how to take surrealist photos. 

What is Surrealism Photography?

Surrealism is an art movement from the early 1920s that aimed to give free rein to the mind and let the unconscious create art. Surrealism photography is a type of photography that uses various techniques like double exposure, distortion, and solarization to create uncanny images. 

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Ultimate Guide to Surrealism Photography

Surrealism is all about exploring your unconscious mind. As such, there aren’t many rules to surrealism photography. However, you can take inspiration from some popular surrealist photography techniques. 

Creative Surreal Photography Techniques:

  • Silhouette Photography
  • Create Photo Composite
  • Use Multiple Exposures
  • Levitation Photography
  • Shoot Layers In The Same Photo
  • Photograph The Eyes Through Glasses
  • Shoot Through The Bottom Of Glass Cups
  • Photograph Things Without Faces Or Eyes
  • Look For Faces Where They Don’t Really Exist


Surreal photography can be a fun, creative, and rewarding photography style. It’s a way to let your creativity run free. 

Now that you know a few surreal photography techniques, let your unconscious mind take over your camera. Let us know what surreal photos you captured, and leave any comments or questions below.





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