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Sky Photography Ultimate Guide

Looking to capture dramatic skies in your photos? Then read this sky photography ultimate guide to take unique and stunning combinations of the sky’s colors, the clouds, and the ground below. 

What is Sky Photography?

Sky photography, also known as cloudscape photography, is a type of photography that focuses on clouds and the sky. It is part of landscape photography and is similar to night sky photography

Make Your Photos Better

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Ultimate Guide to Sky Photography

Learn how to take amazing sky pictures in this sky photography ultimate guide. 

Essential Sky Photography Tips:

  • Go Manual
  • Use Filters
  • Shoot in RAW
  • Chase the Sun
  • Time Your Shots
  • Feature Silhouettes
  • Mind Your Composition
  • Capture Water Reflections
  • Use Slower Shutter Speeds
  • Experiment with White Balance


The sky is a beautiful photography subject. Follow the tips in this sky photography ultimate guide to take stunning photos. Also, do let me know your sky photography experience in the comments below.





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