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Reflection Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to learn how to take reflection photos to find unique perspectives? Then, read this reflection photography ultimate guide to master how to take reflective photographs on mirrors and bodies of water. 

What is Reflection Photography?

Reflection photography is a type of photography that uses reflective surfaces to take a shot. For example, if you tried landscape photography using the reflection of a lake, that would be reflection photography! 

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Ultimate Guide to Reflection Photography

Let’s explore how to use reflective surfaces to take great photos. The ultimate guide to reflection photography is meant to help photographers master the nuances of reflective surfaces. 

Essential Tips for Successful Reflection Photography

Reflective surfaces like a mirror with perfect lighting will result in a great shot. However, the real world doesn’t come with perfect conditions. So, I have provided some must-knows about taking reflection photos. 

Essential Reflection Photography Tips:

  • Check the Weather Beforehand for Outdoor Reflection Photography
  • Choose a Time With Appropriate Lighting for the Best Reflection Shots
  • Find an Ideal Location With a Clean Reflection 


Reflection photography is a different way of looking at the world around us. I hope you learned more about how to turn the world upside down for great-looking photos!





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