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Product Photography Ultimate Guide

If you have ever tried selling products and services online, you know that presentation matters. One of the top ways to improve your product’s presentation is by taking high-quality photos. Read this product photography ultimate guide to improve your product photos. 

I have written this product photo guide to help photographers learn the best setup, how to take professional product photographs, and give some valuable tips for successful product photography. 

Start your product photography today!

What is Product Photography?

Let’s know the definition of product photography before getting started with the product photoshoot guide. 

Product photography, sometimes known as eCommerce photography, is when you click photos for use on websites and social media platforms to increase sales of your product or service. 

Make Your Photos Better

Want to Improve Your Product Photos?

Ultimate Guide to Product Photography

Let’s get started with the ultimate guide to product photography. 

In this product photo guide, you will learn about:

  • Perfect Product Photography Setup
  • How to Take Product Photos on a White Background
  • Essential Product Photography Tips

Perfect Product Photography Setup

Think you need diverse photography gear and equipment for taking great product photos? Think again! All you really need is a camera and good lighting (can be natural). Then, you can always edit the product photos yourself or work with a product photo editing company

The perfect product photography setup:

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • A White Background
  • White Bounce Cards Made of Foam Board
  • A Table
  • Tape
  • A Room with a Window

How to Take Product Photos on a White Background

Now that you have the setup, you can start taking pictures! This product photography setup guide will help you click the perfect product photo. 

A Simple, 8-Step Product Photography Process:

  1. Set up your table by clearing unwanted objects.
  2. Set your sweep with a white background.
  3. Adjust your camera with the right focus and other settings.
  4. Set up your product on the table at the right angle and show the label.
  5. Set up your reflector card so that the light bounces. 
  6. Take a picture and evaluate the results.
  7. Retouch your product photos using Adobe Photoshop or similar software.
  8. Optimize images for your website by correctly resizing and renaming. 

That’s it! Your product photos should look amazing!

Essential Product Photography Tips

Now that you know how to click great product photographs you can benefit from some essential tips. So this product photography ultimate guide will help you with basic tips. 

6 Essential Product Photography Tips:

  1. Use Window Light When Possible; Only Use a Lightbox If You Have the Budget
  2. Learn Basic Photo Editing Techniques
  3. Shoot Your Product From Multiple Angles
  4. Experiment with Various Product Photography Types
  5. Outsource Product Photo Editing to Save Time
  6. Ensure Your Product Description Matches Your Photo


I hope you learned something from this product photoshoot guide. Let me know if you have product photography questions. Thanks for reading!

Product Photography FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Product Photography.

What exactly is product photography?

Product photography uses specific photography techniques to click accurate and attractive photos of products.

Why take product photos?

Your product photos influence buyers’ purchasing decisions, which can increase your business’s conversion rates and sales.

What should you have in a product photography setup?

A product photography setup should have:

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • White Background
  • White bounce cards
  • A Table
  • Some Tape
  • Window Lighting 

How can do product photography at home?

  • Easily take great product photographs from the comfort of your home by:
  • Investing in photography gear and equipment
  • Set up your home product photography studio
  • Take your product photos
  • Edit your photos using online photo editors
  • Add them to your website


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