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Pinhole Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to try a new type of photography? You can use an old technology called the pinhole camera to take unique photos. Read this pinhole photography ultimate guide to learn how to take pinhole photos. 

What is Pinhole Photography?

Pinhole photography is the process of taking photographs using a pinhole camera. A pinhole camera has no lens but only a tiny aperture. When the photographer clicks on the shutter, the light from the scene passes through the tiny aperture to produce an image.

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Ultimate Guide to Pinhole Photography

The ultimate guide to pinhole photography will teach you how to take pinhole photos. 

How to Shoot Pinhole Photographs?

If you have a pinhole camera, you can easily shoot photos by following these steps:

  • Choose a subject that is stationary and well-lit.
  • Secure your film to the box wall opposite the pinhole.
  • Place your pinhole camera on a stable surface.
  • Open your shutter for a suitable time.
  • Develop the inverted negative and then develop the photo. 


Pinhole photography is an old technology that is seeing a resurgence in the modern day. Capitalize on pinhole photography’s popularity to shoot unique-looking images.





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