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Ocean Photography Ultimate Guide

The ocean is a brilliant photography subject. Read this ocean photography ultimate guide to learn how to take better sea photos. 

What is Ocean Photography?

Ocean photography is a type of landscape photography that captures the ever-moving body of water. It’s a photography genre that includes both ocean and sea photos. 

Make Your Photos Better

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Ultimate Guide to Ocean Photography

Read the ultimate guide to ocean photography to understand the unique circumstances of ocean photos better. 

Essential Tips for Ocean Photography:

  • Gather the Right Gear (Tripod, Water Proof Clothing, etc)
  • Ensure Personal and Gear Safety First
  • Use Long Exposure for Foggy or Mirror-like Water
  • Capture Receding Waves in Ocean Photography
  • Capture Incoming Waves in Ocean Photography
  • Choose a Calm Day for Reflection Photography
  • Use a Telephoto Lens for Ocean Photography


Ocean photography is one of the more challenging types of photography. Learn and master the techniques described in this ocean photography ultimate guide to capture amazing pictures of the ocean.





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