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Moon Photography Ultimate Guide

The moon is a natural wonder. Are you interested in learning how to take moon photos? Then, read this moon photography ultimate guide to learn more about this challenging photography genre. 

What is Moon Photography?

Moon photography, also known as lunar photography, is a type of photography that captures the details of the moon, including its big craters. Photographers take moon photos as part of their landscape photography or focus on just the moon. 

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Ultimate Guide to Moon Photography

The moon photography ultimate guide covers how to take moon photos. 

The steps to follow for successful moon photography include:

  • Planning for the Moon Photoshoot
  • Choose the Best Location for Moon Photography
  • Select the Appropriate Gear for Moon Photography
  • Dial in the Best Camera Settings for Moon Photography
  • Focus on the Best Composition of the Moon Photo

So, you can begin shooting the moon photos easily by:

  • Choose a Long Lens of Greater than 200mm and Zoom in Close. 
  • Set the Camera ISO to 100. 
  • Adjust the Aperture Between f/11 to f/16.
  • Set the Shutter Speed to around 1/60th to 1/125th,
  • Manually Focus on the Moon for Sharpness.


In conclusion, moon photography can be a challenging photography genre. So, just follow the steps in this moon photography ultimate guide. Good luck!





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