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Lensball Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to try a different creative photography genre? You can use a glass ball called a lensball to add more creativity to your pictures. So read this lensball photography ultimate guide to learn how to capture photos using a lens ball, crystal ball, or any other glass ball. 

What is Lensball Photography?

A lensball is a crystal or glass ball made by a brand called Lensball. Photographers use lensball photography to take pictures through the glass ball for unique images. 

Make Your Photos Better

Make Your Lensball Photos Better With Photo Editing!

Ultimate Guide to Lensball Photography

Learn how to take crystal clear lensball photos from this lensball photography ultimate guide. 

How to Setup Your Lensball

There are many different ways to set up a lensball, including:

  • Hold It in Your Hand
  • Have an Assistant Hold the Lensball
  • Use a Lensball Stand 
  • Make a DIY Lensball Stand

Then, you can click a photo with manual focus and wide aperture. 


Lensball photography is a unique take on the photography genre. Now, it’s your turn to take lensball pictures. Let me know how your lensball photography session goes in the comments!





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