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Jewelry Photography Ultimate Guide

When it comes to selling products online, your product photos can make or break your success. So, jewelry photoshoots are necessary to achieve the perfect picture. This jewelry photography ultimate guide aims to teach you how to take photos of jewelry. Follow these guidelines to take beautiful jewelry photos for your online store.

What is Jewelry Photography?

Jewelry Photography is a subset of Product Photography, which is a type of Photography focused on convincing customers about a product’s quality and showcasing its features. 

It is a must for individuals and businesses to convey what the accessory or ornament is all about and display its qualities from end to end.

Make Your Photos Better

Need to Retouch Your Jewelry Photos?

Work with a professional jewelry retoucher to polish, recolor, and fix imperfections in your jewelry photos.

Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Photography

Let’s dive into the jewelry photography ultimate guide. If you want to know how to take jewelry photos, read this guide in full. 

The ultimate guide to jewelry photography will cover:

  • Jewelry Photography Gear and Equipment
  • How to Take Photos of Jewelry
  • Jewelry Photography Tips

Jewelry Photography Gear and Equipment

You will need the following photography equipment for taking jewelry pictures:

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Table
  • Foam Boards
  • Tape or Clamps

How to Take Photos of Jewelry

If you want to take good jewelry pictures, you need to follow these steps:

  • Set Up The Table With The Appropriate Background
  • Position Your Lighting Perfectly
  • Prepare Your Jewelry (Cleaning, Polishing)
  • Style Your Jewelry In Different Poses
  • Set Your Camera With A Tripod
  • Take The Photo And Check The Output
  • Retouch Your Jewelry And Finalize

Jewelry Photography Tips

Some essential tips to get beautiful jewelry photography: 

  • Keep the Backgrounds Simple
  • Take Consistent Jewelry Photos
  • Use Fewer Props for Jewelry Photography


Jewelry photography is vital in gaining the trust of consumers in your product. So, you should take care when shooting jewelry pictures. Always remember pictures of jewelry must look perfect to convince customers to buy them. So, jewelry photography benefits from professional photo editing compared to other types of photography. Thanks for reading this jewelry photography ultimate guide! I hope you enjoyed it.





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