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Infrared Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to explore the invisible world? You can do that with infrared photography! Learn how to take infrared photos in this infrared photography ultimate guide. Impress your viewers with unique-looking photos with incredible textures. But first, let’s understand what IR photography is. 

What is Infrared Photography?

Infrared photography is a type of photography of near-infrared light in the 700-1200nm range. IR photography produces white leaves and other effects. Infrared photography gives you a look at the invisible world. 

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Ultimate Guide to Infrared Photography

Let’s start with the main question, how to take infrared photos?

How Do You Take Infrared (IR) Photos With a Digital Camera?

DSLR cameras aren’t going to capture IR photos straightaway. You need to use some external gear like:

  • Converted Infrared Camera
  • Infrared Filters

Once you have selected your mode of taking IR photos, you need to adjust your white balance and exposure settings. Also, it is best to use a tripod because IR photos require a long time. 


Infrared photography is an exciting genre of photography. Follow the steps above to capture amazing IR photos and impress people. Thanks for reading this infrared photography ultimate guide!





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