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Golden Hour Photography Ultimate Guide

Looking to learn what is the golden hour and how to take golden hour photos? Then, read this golden hour photography ultimate guide to learn how to use the warm, soft light of the golden hour, which is the best time of day to shoot.

What is Golden Hour Photography?

Golden hour photography is a photography niche that captures the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. Golden hour photography is also known as “magic hour” photography, as it results in perfect lighting and stunning photos.

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Ultimate Guide to Golden Hour Photography

The golden hour is a beautiful time to capture photographs. Learn how to take golden hour pictures from the ultimate guide to golden hour photography.

Essential Tips for Golden Hour Photography:

  • Plan Your Golden Hour Shoot Beforehand
  • Use Apps to Determine the Perfect Time to Shoot
  • Take Lots of Golden Hour Photos
  • Try Blue Hour Photography After the Sun Sets


Golden hour photography has a lot of advantages. As a photographer, you can take advantage of the long shadows and natural lighting for silhouette photography. Or, just take nice, warm images. Good luck!





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