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Composite Photography Ultimate Guide

Read this composite photography ultimate guide to learn how to combine different photos into a single composite image. 

What is Composite Photography?

Composite photography uses or combines two or more different images to create a new “composite” image. Therefore, it is not strictly just photography, as you will have to use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to create the final composite image. 

Make Your Photos Better

Want to Make Photo Composites Using Photo Editing Software?

Ultimate Guide to Composite Photography

Composite photography consists of two main parts, photo shooting, and photo editing. If you already have two or more images to create a composite of, you can perform the edits already. 

How To Create Composite Photos in Photoshop?

Once you have two (or more) images that you want to combine, you can start working on post-production. 

  1. Check your image EXIF data – for images from different sources (mobile, DSLR, etc).
  2. Save different versions of the composite as you edit.
  3. Work with layers and different opacities to combine multiple images into one.
  4. Use selection and masks to make your image look believable.
  5. Check the color balance, perspective, and other factors to get the right look and feel.
  6. Add the finishing touches before exporting the composite image. 


Composite photography is a form of creative photography that tells a unique story. So let me know about your composite photography work in the comments below!





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