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Clothing Photography Ultimate Guide

Want to know about photographing t-shirts? Or any other clothing photography? Then, read this clothing photography ultimate guide to take beautiful apparel photography. High-quality clothing product photography is essential for selling apparel online and offline. 

What is Clothing Photography?

Clothing photography, also known as apparel photography, is a specialized type of photography devoted to displaying the features of clothing items. 

Make Your Photos Better

Make Your Clothing Photos Better With Professional Photo Editing!

Ultimate Guide to Clothing Photography

Make your apparel and clothing more attractive with professional photography. Read this clothing photography ultimate guide to learn about photographing t-shirts and other apparel. 

How to Take Clothing Photographs?

Capture effective apparel photographs with 7 simple steps. 

  • Prepare Your Clothing/Apparel 
  • Set Up Your Photo Studio
  • Position Lighting Accurately
  • Style Your Clothing To Look Appealing
  • Set Your Camera And Other Equipment
  • Take Multiple Photos 
  • Finalize With Product Photo Editing

Clothing photo editing can also include the ghost mannequin effect, where you remove the mannequin/model in post. 


Clothing photographs can make or break your customer’s purchase decision. For example, if the apparel color looks off or it appears wrinkled, the customer will think your product quality is poor. So, mastering clothing photography is essential for apparel businesses. Or, they can outsource photography and eCommerce product photo editing to experts.





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