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Boudoir Photography Ultimate Guide

Seasoned photographers and newbies alike can benefit from reading a boudoir photography ultimate guide to understand how to click boudoir photos. In addition, you will benefit from the tips, tricks, and advice in this boudoir photos guide. So, read this ultimate guide to boudoir photography to nail your next boudoir photoshoot!

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a sub-category of professional photography that caters to more intimate photos. The goal of boudoir photoshoots is to flatter the curves and beauty of the client’s body. 

The origins of the word “boudoir” are in France, where a boudoir is a woman’s private dressing room Thus, boudoir photography is inspired by the intimacy of this genre.

Boudoir photoshoots can help photographers improve their portrait photography skills and highlight their unique approach to this trendy style. So, this boudoir photography ultimate guide will help photographers know how to click boudoir photos. 

There are many types of Boudoir Photography:

  • Couples Boudoir Photography
  • Plus Size Boudoir Photography
  • Nude Boudoir Photography
  • Bridal Boudoir Photography
  • Male Boudoir Photography
  • Maternity Boudoir Photography
  • Pregnancy Boudoir Photography
  • Wedding Boudoir Photography
  • Edgy Boudoir Photography
  • Mature Boudoir Photography

Improve Your Photos

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Ultimate Guide to Boudoir Photography

Let’s start the ultimate guide to boudoir photography by answering some common questions in detail. They are: 

  • What Camera and Lens to Use for Boudoir Photography?
  • Where to Have the Boudoir Photoshoot?
  • How to Get Clients Ready for a Boudoir Shoot?
  • How to Pose Clients for Boudoir Photography?
  • How to Set Pricing for Your Boudoir Photoshoot?
  • How to Perform Light Retouching for Boudoir Photos?

What Camera and Lens to Use for Boudoir Photography?

The camera you choose depends on your preferences and requirements. First, you should ensure the camera is easy to hold and focus on during the boudoir photoshoot. 

The perfect camera for boudoir photography is a digital DSLR camera

A DSLR is lightweight, easy to use, and can cycle through many frames per minute. Spending less on your camera allows you to get a better lens. 

So, which lens should you choose for the boudoir photoshoot?

The perfect lens for boudoir photography is a 35mm or 50mm Zoom Lens

Having a superb quality lens will help your boudoir photographs look beautiful, impressing your clients. In addition, your camera lens will help you control the light, exposure, and depth of field (DOF) of your boudoir photos.

Where to Have the Boudoir Photoshoot?

The location for your boudoir photoshoot is important to create the right mood and tone for the boudoir photos. It should also make your subject feel comfortable and attractive so the boudoir pictures turn out well.

In general, the ideal location for a boudoir photoshoot is:

  • A location with natural lighting
  • Open, spacious location
  • The client’s preferred location

How to Get Clients Ready for a Boudoir Shoot?

Preparation is crucial to a successful boudoir photography session. Discuss ideas beforehand with the client to ensure they are comfortable with your plan. For example, prepare a shot list to give the client a good idea of what to expect. 

Get your boudoir photograph off to a great start by preparing the client beforehand. 

Prepare your boudoir photo client by:

  • Ensuring the client brings several outfits
  • Discussing the styling and appearance prior to the boudoir photoshoot

How to Pose Clients for Boudoir Photography?

Discuss each pose with your client to ensure they feel comfortable. Also, you can make the boudoir shoot feel collaborative by having a discussion beforehand.

Pose your clients beforehand to get the best boudoir photos. 

Some tips to pose your clients comfortably include:

  • Start with simple and flattering poses
  • Practice “flow posing”
  • Utilize props during your boudoir shoot
  • Highlight the client’s best features

How to Set Pricing for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

The ultimate boudoir photography will only be complete with solid advice on pricing. So how should you price your boudoir photography? 

In general, you should try to charge by the hour. The average rate charged by boudoir photographers ranges from $100 to $250. 

Always remember: do not just charge for the shooting time. Your rates should include the preparation time, photoshoot, and some photo editing

Another option is to provide tiered boudoir photography packages. For example, a low-end package can include two hours of shooting with image processing for $500. 

How to Perform Light Retouching for Boudoir Photos?

Once you have completed the boudoir photography session, you may want to do some light retouching using a tool like Adobe Photoshop. 

Remove any blemishes and smoothen minor imperfections with Photo Retouching. For example, you can use the liquifying tool to reshape the body slightly.

Remember: Only retouch the boudoir pictures lightly. Overdoing it can ruin your hard work and make the subject look unrecognizable.

If you want, you can hire a professional photo retouching company


In conclusion, this boudoir photography ultimate guide covers some important points on how to click boudoir photos. You will benefit from following these guidelines regardless of your current skill level. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this ultimate guide on boudoir photography. Let me know in the comments if you want any questions answered. 

Boudoir Photography FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Boudoir Photography. 

What is the point of boudoir photography?

A Boudoir photoshoot is a luxury photography experience done in a bedroom set to create a feeling of romance and richness. 

What is included in a boudoir photoshoot?

Boudoir photography is a photo session where the person wears alluring outfits, lingerie, or dresses. The boudoir photographer works with the model to create beautiful and confident images.

What colors are best for boudoir photos?

The go-to colors for boudoir photography are black and white. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these colors. Any color is fine if the client prefers it.





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