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Blue Hour Photography Ultimate Guide

Are you interested in shooting pictures just before sunrise or after sunset? That’s blue hour photography! Read this blue hour photography ultimate guide to learn how to master the blue hour photoshoot. 

What is Blue Hour Photography?

As explained in the introduction, the blue hour is the hour just before sunrise and right after sunset. It is a photography genre similar to golden hour photography, which captures photos right after sunrise and before sunset. Thus, blue hour photography takes pictures during the specific window of the “blue” hour. 

Make Your Photos Better

Make Your Blue Hour Photos Better With Photo Editing!

Ultimate Guide to Blue Hour Photography

The ultimate guide to blue hour photography will cover the following: 

  • Plan Your Blue Hour Photography Beforehand
  • Choose Your Subjects for Blue Hour Photography Carefully
  • Pack the Right Blue Hour Photography Gear
  • Choose the Perfect Camera Settings for Blue Hour Photography
  • Perform Photo Editing for Your Blue Hour Photographs


Thanks for reading this blue hour photography guide. Now, it’s your turn. Let me know how your blue hour photoshoot went!





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