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Aura Photography Ultimate Guide

Ever seen an aura photograph with dreamy wispy colors flowing from a person’s head and shoulders? Interesting right? Well, you can learn how to take aura photos from the aura photography ultimate guide. But first, let’s define what exactly aura photography is. 

What is Aura Photography?

You may be wondering what aura photography is. Aura photography is a unique type of photography that uses a specialized camera called AuraCam to capture photos.

The AuraCam uses a biometric feedback system to create the colors you see in an aura photograph. 

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Ultimate Guide to Aura Photography

Let’s start the aura photography ultimate guide with how to read your aura photos. 

How to Read Aura Photos

The color of aura photographs reflects different energies. Here are some aura colors to look for in your aura photo.

  • Yellow: Optimistic, Joyful, Playful
  • White: Spiritual, Sensitive, Healer
  • Pink: Romantic, Loving, Generous
  • Light Blue: Calm, Creative, Nurturing
  • Violet: Intuitive, Visionary, Innovative
  • Indigo: Honest, Peaceful, Imaginative
  • Tan: Practical, Detail-oriented, Logical
  • Red: Confident, Courageous, Passionate
  • Green: Ambitious, Growth-oriented, Nurturing
  • Magenta: Eccentric, Free-spirited, Fun-loving
  • Orange: Adventurous, Creative, Spontaneous
  • Dark Blue: Loyal, Trusting, Excellent Communicator


Aura photographs are more popular than ever. Now, you know how to read the colors of your aura photo.





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